The guys of The Curious Little Big Band really know how to whip the crowd into a frenzy with lead singer and guitarist Miles Guerrini not only hitting the right (and sometimes very high) notes but also revealing evidence of his theatrical showmanship and great sense of fun.

Russell Blackaller & Miles Guerrini


 In 2008 Miles Guerrini and Russell Blackaller got together to perform as a duo. Russell Blackaller was Head of Performance Arts Kingshill School and director of countless shows – but he’s now turned professional director and lends CLBB his piano and accordion skills. Miles Guerrini sang around the world and in London’s West End musicals before moving to Gloucestershire, and spares no opportunity to dress up and explore his theatrical roots.

From a duo to a full on, interactive, theatrical experience!

Andy Hughes

A year later, two more musicians came into the Band. Andy Hughes has played in many bands as a Drummer/Singer. He lived in Spain as a cabaret singer from 2005-2007, performing mainly in restaurants, bars and entertaining for cabaret shows. He is now firmly based in the UK playing with The Curious LITTLE big Band and The Slammers.

Guy Guerrini

Guy Guerrini, (yes, brother of Miles) previously Head of Music at Kingshill School but now at Gordano School, Portishead, flexes his muscles on sax, keyboard, guitar and vocals.

Nigel Baylis

Henry Blackaller

Simon Messenger

In December 2013 the Band became a 5-piece with the addition of bass player Nigel Baylis. Later the bass position was shared with Henry Blackaller, son of Russell. With Henry travelling the world and at university, Simon Messenger now supplies the groovy bass line.


The Red Hat Horns

Martin Milnes – Claire Mitchell – Howard Rigby

In the Summer of 2014 Martin Milnes (Left) created a “bolt on” horn section with two other musicians, Claire Mitchell and Howard Rigby. This addition is a rare treat these days and has transformed the sound from action packed to sublime. 

The horn section is now Martin Milnes on  Akai EWI 5000 (Electronic Wind), and Howard Rigby on Saxophones.

Rupert Irving

Also appearing in our line-up from time to time is our dep drummer Rupert Irving.  Rupert has played several gigs with the Band including Glastonbury Festival 2016. Rupert trained as an opera singer.

This talented band of musicians and performers provide a brilliant, mixed playlist which has wide appeal and they deliver every song with maximum energy and impact. Combined with some considerable humour and a strong storytelling element (enhanced by the use of various props and costumes!), they really hold the crowd’s attention and keep everyone dancing and begging for more.


“Miles, Russell, Andy, Guy, Simon, Martin and Howard (and sometimes Rupert) give a really committed and full on performance and will make any party go with a bang. Great musically, thoroughly entertaining and strongly recommended! “

 This explosive seven piece band are bound to make you dance and laugh. They don’t just play music: they have created a show, a musical journey that demands participation and draws in even the hardest of hearts. It’s almost cabaret but the band is too accomplished to take a backseat to their unpredictable front man and knocks out track after track of dance floor filling classics (with a few moderns thrown in).