Band History

Miles Guerrini & Russell Blackaller

Miles Guerrini sang around the world and in London’s West End musicals before moving to Gloucestershire where he met Russell who was leading the next generations of musical and theatrical Talent as head of Performance Arts at Kingshill School and director of countless shows.

In 2008 they formed a duo… Russell gave his piano, accordion and arrangement skills and encouraged Miles to engage his voice, exploit his over sized ego, his theatrical roots and his penchant for dressing up in colourful clobber.

From a duo to a full on, interactive, theatrical experience!

Andy Hughes

A year later, two more musicians came into the Band. Andy Hughes has played in many bands as a Drummer/Singer. He lived in Spain as a cabaret singer from 2005-2007, performing mainly in restaurants, bars and entertaining for cabaret shows. He is now firmly based in the UK playing with The Curious LITTLE big Band and The Slammers.

Guy Guerrini

Guy Guerrini, (yes, brother of Miles) flexes his muscles on sax, keyboard, guitar and vocals. He was previously Head of Music at Kingshill School, Cirencester. Then at Gordano School, Portishead. Now at Bristol Grammer School

Nigel Baylis

Henry Blackaller

Simon Messenger

In December 2013 the Band became a 5-piece with the addition of bass player Nigel Baylis. Later the bass position was shared with Henry Blackaller, son of Russell. With Henry travelling the world and at university, Simon Messenger now supplies the groovy bass line.

The Red Hat Horns

Martin Milnes – Claire Mitchell – Howard Rigby

The Red Hat Horns

In the Summer of 2014 Martin Milnes (Left) created a “bolt on” horn section with two other musicians, Claire Mitchell and Howard Rigby. This addition is a rare treat these days and has transformed the sound from action packed to sublime.

Treefest Live

The first recorded gig with the new horn section.

Our First Photo Shoot

by George Brooks

Rupert Irving

Also appearing in our line-up from time to time is our dep drummer Rupert Irving.  Rupert has played several gigs with the Band including Glastonbury Festival 2016. Rupert trained as an opera singer.

“Miles, Russell, Andy, Guy, Simon, Martin and Howard (and sometimes Rupert) give a really committed and full on performance and will make any party go with a bang. Great musically, thoroughly entertaining and strongly recommended! “

This talented band of musicians and performers provide a brilliant, mixed playlist which has wide appeal and they deliver every song with maximum energy and impact. Combined with some considerable humour and a strong storytelling element (enhanced by the use of various props and costumes!), they really hold the crowd’s attention and keep everyone dancing and begging for more.


Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford

Photo by Jo Hansford Photography.

Unforgettable journey because of the deep snow over the Cotswolds between Cirencester and Stratford.

This explosive seven piece band are bound to make you dance and laugh. They don’t just play music: they have created a show, a musical journey that demands participation and draws in even the hardest of hearts. It’s almost cabaret but the band is too accomplished to take a backseat to their unpredictable front man and knocks out track after track of dance floor filling classics (with a few moderns thrown in).

Miles Guerrini

Miles Guerrini

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar.

Miles Guerrini had a passion for performance from his earliest nursery ballet lessons to school acting roles. After his Post Graduate Diploma in Classical Acting and Musical Theatre he toured the U.K., Europe and then the world in various productions before winning the role of Richie Valens in The Buddy Holly Story in the West End. Further roles followed but family life beckoned so Miles retired and helped his wife realise her dream, creating her own nursery school (
The Curious Little Big Band now satisfies Miles’ need to sing, dress up and show off, dance to great music and have fun with friends and the general public. Other than that he enjoys stamp collecting, tiddlywinks and watching paint dry.

Guy Guerrini

Guy Guerrini

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Saxophones

Guy Guerrini was the fifth of six children, all of whom are musicians and so, desperate to outdo them and attract some of his parents scant attention, he never contented himself with just the one instrument.
Initially inspired by a family friend and jazz aficionado he triumphed at tinkling on the ivories before engaging with the mighty church organ. Pipes became a theme as he moved into the flute which led to the saxophone – and all before the age of 16. With such a grounding, he is now literally able to grab whatever comes his way and squeeze music out of it. In this band he has played everything on stage at one point or other and adds lead, backing and rap vocals to his roster.
When not flexing his performance muscles he can be found inspiring hundreds of young musicians and running a music department at Gordano School (a suburb of Hobbit-land, in outer Bristol).
Unlike his brother Miles, all these talents are touted with disarming modesty.
Andy Hughes

Andy Hughes

Drums, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals.

Andy Hughes travelled the world as a singer before returning to his native and beloved Cirencester. Whilst he continues with his solo singing, The Curious Little Big Band have managed to lure him back to his first musical endeavour – drumming. But, if you listen carefully, he is not a man to be out done by the other vocalists in the band.
Russell Blackaller

Russell Blackaller

Keyboard, Backing Vocals.

Russell Blackaller has busked with his accordion around the planet and has played the piano in some of the finest hotels in the world. When not playing music, he might make appearances as characters from Alice in Wonderland down the world famous The Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury Festival. Russell now feels at home amongst the array of delicious characters in The Curious Little Big Band. His love of theatre and music can be fulfilled in one fell swoop.
Martin Milnes

Martin Milnes

Electronic Wind & Trombone

Born in Wiltshire in an isolated spot now commemorated by a stone circle. While in the sixth form he had a Saturday job in a party shop filling helium balloons where people spoke very highly of him. Otherwise little is known about his early life but after leaving school, he left home to go off around the world but only made 5 miles before he was taken in and adopted as a computer operator and trainee managing director until absconding the following year. Using the now familiar disguise, he reappeared on a computing course at Portsmouth Polytechnic and finished three years later confident that a working knowledge of paper-tape and punched cards would be vital in his future career. After a period in London attempting to release his own fragrance, he worked his passage back to Wiltshire busking on street corners and stations. Away from the world of learning to play the Melodeon, Martin Milnes devotes his time by continuing to seek a lasting peace in north Wiltshire.

Dr Howard

Dr Howard


Born and raised “oop North” ( in the year of the ferret!), Howard (the Doc) Rigby came from mining stock — his mother was a pit pony!! He retired from the “coal-face” of the NHS 7 years ago. He started playing the sax aged 40 and now plays in the Horn Section of The Curious Little Big Band and other local bands.
His musical influences are his father (shut that bloody racket up will you!!) his mother (in jazz why don’t they all just play the tune!!) Stan Getz, Ben Webster, and Sonny Rollins.
He is famed for playing too loud, the wrong notes, the wrong rhythm and bragging his way into playing in this great band. His likes include alcoholic drinks and his dislikes include non-alcoholic drinks . He lives locally with his very long-suffering partner and her equally long suffering dog!